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The eating habit.

3 min read • 23rd March 2016

My mom sometimes asks my sister to eat fast rather than waste time in eating. And the worst of all I'm a fast eater and the comparison begins there. As a result my sister doesn't enjoy her food but eats just for the sake of it, like me. Like brother, like sister :D Slowly this became her habit of hurrying into eating food when it really mattered, while not enjoying the taste of it. As a result, I happened to research on which practise is right for our body and which is not.

Hurrying up our kids, siblings, parents, friends, and everyone we dine with, to eat fast has become a habit for us, ain't it? Since we are fast eaters, we force them to do the same as well, don't we? Well you are on the wrong track I'd say and it's a common mistake everyone of us do.

My research began with slow eating vs fast eating and that gave me a memory of my Alliance Francais French courses. My French tutor there once said, "The French take almost an hour to complete their meal (lunch)". When asked why, she replied saying they munch their food and concentrate on getting the nutrition into the body. That meant my 9th grade Bio teacher was right, digestion starts in the mouth. Well after a couple of research, I happened to find that munching and spending time with the small amount of food that you have in your mouth ensures enough saliva is bound to it when it has to travel the food pipe without hurting it.

You may ask me if I tried before advising everyone. Trust me, I did! Well it was a huge success in terms of the quantity of food that I consumed. Usually I take 4 dosas in 10 minutes (I have won a competition for eating 3 sandwiches in 30 seconds). When I tried to adopt this method, I could not eat more than 2 dosas for the fact that I had to give more work to my mouth and it tired me out completely. What I gained is to eat less, which means an obvious cut down of calories plus I could abide by the law of digestion starting properly from my mouth plus I loved the taste of a tasteless dosa.

I really feel light when I munch the food as I don't have to hurt my food pipe anymore. I feel I've to burn lesser calories as my intake is less as well. More than all of that, I enjoy my food. I enjoy it's taste. Those tasty tandoori chicken when munched well and it's juiced into your tongue with the masala, now that is an unexplainable moment!

Try that yourself, you will feel the same. If you do, do let me know in the comments.

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