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Patience, Politeness and Humbleness

2 min read • 24th February 2016

Happened to meet Mr. Charleston Carvalho, Chief Ticket Examiner of the Southern Railway on board my return train. I was allotted a side lower berth next to the door and me being almost a 5.9 where my legs would be cramped plus the 3AC coaches had doors that can be opened to move to the restroom area, made me eager to shift this one for a regular upper or middle berth. Before the train started, I was desperate to shift seats, so went ahead and read the empty berths. And that's when I met him. He was a very casual, cool and composed man with a French beard, probably in his late 40s or early 50s.

Sensing my desperation, Mr. Carvalho said "The train hasn't started boy, let the train start, let all of them from Trivandrum who will board in the last minute settle down, and let me put my baggage in my berth, else someone would take that. And once these things fall in place I'd come to you and talk to you. Now I'm in a hurry and I'd not be able to talk to you in detail. Is that fine?". A person of that stature needn't actually spend a minute to tell me all this, he could have straight away said "pls go to your seat, I will come". Though it was a perfect nose cut, I felt he did that in a better way. Probably age plays a role in doing such things. Sir, I adore you for your sense of humor as well.

Finally he gave me a berth elsewhere and said "Now please change your seats".

Though it might be a stupid post, I just felt this man has taught me how to talk to people in a more humble and polite way to explain things and also being patient at times of desperateness. "Explain but keep it simple". I'd take this pointer for good.

Thank you Sir!

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