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Make it happen, shock everyone

6 min read • 9th September 2017
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A lot of people I meet say that I've grown thin and that I have lost a lot of fat/flesh. They also ask me to share the secret mantra behind this weight loss. Sometimes they even ask if I'm sick. Well my answer to all that is "No, I am not sick, but I lost weight!".

"Chennai Boy lost 30kgs in 3 months, you should also try this!". "Lose 26 pounds in just 2 weeks". "Are you beach body ready? Try <insert some random name>". If you have come across these ads then welcome, you are at the right place now.

This post isn't to boast about my weight loss nor am I suggesting something that's completely unachievable. So here are few points before you want to actually start your plan:

Link to this section1. Believe in yourself. You CAN lose weight

First and foremost rule to any weight loss is to believe that you can. As research suggests, any habit sets in only if you pursue it for 21 days. When you start off anything, don't over do it. Be it gymming or following a diet, take it slow. You have to enjoy doing it ;). Persistence to believe in yourself and do it will make you mentally strong and will give you the confidence in the long run. Most importantly NEVER GIVE UP!

Link to this section2. Take it slow

Take it slow one step at a time. Don't gag yourself to do 15kgs of dumbbells workout on day 1 or 5 km jog in the first week. Don't even think of eating just one Chappathi on the first day of your diet. It will never work out, and ultimately you will end up against point 1. When I started a diet plan in Jan 2016, I started eating less. It only made me eat more due to the hunger, it creates in turn.

Link to this section3. Follow a routine

Following a routine is the next important thing for shedding that bad fat from your body. If you want to wake up at 5AM so do it everyday. This is all inter-related to being persistent as mentioned in point 1. I used to follow a practice of waking up at 5:30AM, go for a slow jog/brisk walk for 50 minutes. My day would have a 5 light meal course plan as against 3 heavily packed ones, thereby reducing the tendency for the brain to assume I'm still hungry. Most importantly, I get back to bed at 10:30PM so that it doesn't break my routine the next day.

Link to this section4. Sticking to a diet plan

Diet is something that depends on an individual's interest and how effectively it would help them reduce their weight. This is something that you should speak to a personal dietician or a gym expert, one who can analyse your body conditions, and suggest a better plan for your lifestyle. I seeked the help of Mr. Murali Vijay (also famously known as Biglee on facebook). He helped me chalk out my weekly diet plan. In fact, before even he suggested the plan, he had asked me about my daily routine, about my health conditions for which I had taken a full body check up and measurements. Many thanks to him for what I am now.!

Link to this section5. Working out/Exercising

Working out doesn't necessarily mean you need to go to the gym, it could also mean that you can do some gardening everyday, or do some squats in your room or terrace, or play some active outdoor game, or a jog every morning. To me this was a lot of things, I go for a brisk walk of about 40–50 minutes in the morning, I play cricket in the weekends for which I practice on a weekday, I love gardening as well, and so on. Pick what you love to do. That way, you don't end up stop doing this activity in a week.

Link to this sectionResult

I started to reduce my weight gradually from the day I stopped consuming white rice and sugar. September 2016, I weighed 88.7 kgs and completely stopping these two brought my weight down to 84.5 kgs in Feb 2017. Of course not just these two, reduce the consumption of thick gravy and eating often in restaurants can be another factor to effective weight loss. From Feb 2017 to Sep 2017, I've gone through a gradual reduction in my weight and I now weigh around 69.4 kgs. This I feel is healthy, I have control over what I eat and there is some physical activity to keep my lazy ass off the bed!

Some of my photos during the transformation below:

Pic 1: Feb 2015 when I was 84 kg. | Pic 2: I am on the extreme right, that was sometime in mid 2015 when I weighed 86 kg. | Pic 3: In May 2016 when I weighed 88kg which is clearly visible on my face.

Pic 1: I stand 4th from the left (right of the person in Green Tees). When I was playing cricket and weighed 89kg, I wasn't able to run to collect the ball. Now I can dive for a catch ;) | Pic 2: In Mar 2017 when I weighed 76 kg. And a meme to differentiate 2 years on the last :D

PS: Don't upgrade your wardrobe collection when you are in this process. I had a considerable loss on new apparels during this 1 year and I regret now that I should have waited :D

Thanks to images.google.com for the representative images.

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