Kudremukh - The trail to heaven on Earth

2 min read • 1st December 2019
Kudremukh peak
1 day
Month visited
December 2019
Best time to visit
Post monsoon
Start location
Mullodi Forest Department Office
End Location
Mullodi Forest Department Office

Kudremukh is a mountain range and name of a peak located in Chikkamagaluru district, in Karnataka, India. It is situated around 20km from Kalasa. Kudremukh, the name means “horse face”. This is the second-highest peak in Karnataka. Known for its beautiful trail, 8 of us planned to do it over a weekend on a Sunday. This post has all that was captured during the trek. Thanks to Balgal homestay for the comfortable stay and food they provided.

If you are a person that throws away chewing gum papers, plastic and waste on the floor as you go, please do not visit this place and spoil the nature here.